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What's The Best Way to Learn Online Marketing?

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Online marketing isn't a difficult skill to learn. Here's how you learn it. The first thing you need to do is go to Google and type in marketing related terms. Tons of marketing blogs like, BackLinko, Moz and Search Engine Land rank high. (The ones that rank high tend to be the best) Read them. You will learn from reading. But as you know reading isn't enough. So implement what you are learning. Don't implement these marketing changes on your own site, set up a blog and test it out on there. Once you figure out what works, implement those changes on your actual website. You can also use the Neil Patel SEO Analyzer. Type in your URL and it will show you what you are doing wrong. You can then take that data and make changes to your site. As you fix the errors that the tool shows you, your search traffic will go up. So that's how you learn marketing. You read blogs, implement what you learn, and use tools like the SEO Analyzer.

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What's The Best Way to Learn Online Marketing?
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