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Search Engine Optimization Tips ($100k In Affiliate Commissions)

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In this video I teach a 100% Google friendly SEO tips that I used to generate over $100,000 in affiliate commissions for my online business. If you're serious about increasing your search engine rankings in Google, the tips I reveal in this video are exactly what you need to do. Here's what you'll learn in this video: How to improve your rankings to appear on Page 1 of Google doing 100% complaint tactics. In a nut shell, what I do is I tap into Google's 3 main properties: YouTube Google Plus And Blogger Along with those properties, I also create blogs on and Weebly. These 5 properties together have the potential to significantly increase the search engine rankings of your videos and websites. The key to this is to put high quality content on all 5 properties. Usually a 600-1000 word post, with proper headlines and sub headlines, and images. Then, I embed my YouTube video at the very top of each blog post. There is an 2 fold advantage to doing this: 1) People will spend more time on your blog posts, which Google LOVES. Basically they want to send visitors to the kind of content that keeps their attention. If your mini-sites have solid content and a good video at the top, you will hold your viewers attention much longer. 2) The more your video is embedded in related, relevant content, the better it is for the search engine optimization of your videos. Therefore your videos will rank higher in Google. The overall thing you have to keep in mind is at no point are we trying to "game" Google. We are giving them exactly what they want - content that providers users genuine value. And by doing this, naturally your SEO rankings will improve. Hope you enjoyed this video. -- Get My QuickStart Guide For Free -- How to Start a Lazy Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch: Follow me on Facebook: Subscribe to my YouTube channel:

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Search Engine Optimization Tips ($100k In Affiliate Commissions)
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