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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Measuring Value w/ William Walczak Hiilite: Futur Pro Call ep12

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On this call, William Walczak shares tips, tricks, methods, tools, and best practices when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. Content marketing is also covered. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, tools, and how to measure and report effectiveness. A hands-on session starting at the beginning of what you need to know to do SEO effectively. We will be sharing the methods and tools that we wish we knew more about before we started. Annotations --- 03:11 SEO and measuring value 05:00 What gets measured gets managed 06:40 What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? 11:01 What is Metadata? 11:45 Q: What is a meta tag? 14:45 Ostrich Egg Example 18:33 Q: Does internal linking help rank you in google? 23:20 Why you should care about SEO for your design business 26:55 Q: How do you analyze what SEO efforts are providing good results? 28:13 Q: Do you have a hard time communicating the time it takes to improve rankings? 31:55 There are no shortcuts 33:28 Why it's important 34:55 SEO Tools to Get Started 40:06 Google Keyword Planner - Overview 55:30 Q: What your minimum level of engagement as an SEO agency? 1:00:55 About Google Analytics 1:03:00 About Google Search Console & Moz Open Site Explorer 1:05:16 SEO tools to run 1:05:30 AlphaDoors Case Study & Live analytics view 1:11:20 Behavior Flow Analytics - reducing drop off rate 1:15:25 Q: Are you managing your clients content creation and distribution? 1:19:25 Hubspot Website Grader - Overview 1:24:00 Conclusion 1:26:28 Q: Did you launch a lot of campaigns to help AlphaDoors get ranked high? 1:27:40 Q: When I bring you in for a new client, what sort of information do you provide them? 1:30:30 Q: Do you charge for upfront research before clients sign up for a monthly engagement? 1:32:25 Q: How many people are in your company? 1:32:56 Q: Even if you are first in rankings, your phone doesn't necessarily ring off the hook. How do you explain this to your clients? 1:35:55 Q: Is there a difference between local and national SEO practices? 1:37:42 Q: If the client has a brand new company, is it a good strategy to help them with content marketing? 1:40:11 Q: Do you have more business than you can handle currently? 1:41:15 Q: What's your price point? 1:44:00 Q: What sort of hours should someone that is selling SEO services bill? 1:44:47 Q: Are you willing to work as a white-label SEO service? 1:47:41 Q: Have you thought about charging based on value versus time? Want to join the Pro Group and see more videos like this? ____________________________________________________ Get the typography manual here: 📕 Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works, Third Edition 📕 _________________________________________________ Listen to the Futur podcast on iTunes: 🎙 Android Stitcher: Google Play: 🔹 HOW TO SUPPORT THE FUTUR: Purchase a Kit: subscribe to the secret and private Master mind group on FB with bi-weekly webinars & exclusive videos not released anywhere else. 🔹 Music on the show from 🔹 Use our Amazon Affiliate Link: Buy useful design tools from Creative Market: _________________________________________________ Connect with us online: 🔔 Need brand strategy help? Visit Blind LA’s WEBSITE: Connect with Chris Do: Twitter Credits: Executive Producer– Chris Do Host– Chris Do, William Walczak, Tina Walczak Editor– Chris Do Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne Social Media Manager – Cheryl Stevens Annotations– Isaiah Nwukor SEO— Jacob Campbell Typefaces: Futura, Din Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Measuring Value w/ William Walczak Hiilite: Futur Pro Call ep12
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